The vaccine market landscape and the role of emerging markets

Daria Donati - emerging markets

Emerging markets are vital to the growth of the industry and the question of global distribution of vaccines. How important is business in these emerging economies- tell us below!

Dr Daria Donati from GE Healthcare Life Sciences, presented at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington earlier this year about the vaccine market landscape and the role of emerging economies.

There is a strong and growing global market in biologicals – demand doubled from 2006-2011. New manufacturing approaches are needed that are tailored to the needs of emerging countries. A key way to bring down costs is create packaged and flexible solution by looking at the facility, the process and the project. All of these help speed a product to market. Donati presented a case study in which a facility would be used for influenza and rotovirus vaccine production. Space was allocated for production that had a small footprint and could be easily shifted from one to the other vaccine manufacture in a very short period of time. The goal was to get per dose cost under $1.00.

Why not download the full presentation to find out more about the role of emerging economies!

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