Presentation download: Successful development of H1N1 vaccine in partnership with key industry stakeholders

Dr Pele Chong, Investigator & Director Vaccine Research & Development Center of National Health Research Institutes speaking at World Vaccine Congress Asia

The National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) is a non-profit foundation established by the Taiwanese government in 1996. The main objective of the institute is to the enhance  medical research and the improvement of health care in Taiwan. At World Vaccine Congress Asia this year, we had the privileged to have Dr. Pele Chong, Investigator & Director Vaccine Research & Development Center for the
Institute joining us to share with us on how NHRI is collaborating with key industry stakeholders to develop vaccines.

Dr Chong has vast experience in vaccine development, having developed various vaccines, including two human vaccines, ProHibit against H. influenzae type b and the component pertussis vaccine and a peptide-based animal Foot-Mouth Disease vaccine that is currently licensed in China.

Dr Chong, used the example of the H1N1 vaccine, where he first touched on the elements for flu vaccine production, and then went on to talk about the actual production process. He also gave some insights on how this collaboration was done, in hope that it would help to provide some guidelines for others planning to do the same in their country.

Download his presentation here

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