Vaccine financing strategies: an industry perspective

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Vaccine research, innovation and distribution relies on funding. Does finance have too much influence on research, innovation and distribution decisions? Tell us below!

Dr Clement Lewin, Head of Medical Affairs and Strategic Immunization Policy North America at Novartis joined us at the World Vaccine Congress 2012 in Washington to discuss vaccine financing strategies. The main objectives of his presentation were to define vaccine financing, provide evaluation criteria, discuss various financing streams in the US and share some thoughts on the pros and cons from an industry perspective. Within the US a variety of funding streams exist, and therefore it is important to evaluate each stream for commercial success. The government in the US also plays a major role in vaccine financing. The final key point of the presentation is that financing mechanisms are evolving, so it is important that the mechanisms continue to push for innovation.

Why not download the full presentation and discover more about vaccine financing strategies from an industry perspective:

· A strategic outlook and roadmap for domestic vaccine financing initiatives

· Different financing streams apply to different priorities and goals

· The pros and cons of being involved in different financing streams (from the pharma perspective)

Download the full presentation here!

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