Pilot Advance Market Commitment for Pneumococcal Diseases

Axel von Trotsenburg - AMC

Innovative financing can tackle the three stages of financing: raising additional funds, efficient financial engineering and effective implementation. Do you agree? Tell us below!

More innovative financing could also help put an end to the limited access that developing countries have to vaccines. Axel van Trotsenburg, Vice President, Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships at The World Bank, discusses how advanced market commitment could provide the solution, by combining the efforts of the private and public sector.

Download the full presentation to discover more about the Advanced Market Commitment: acceleration of vaccine uptake & AMC mechanism efficiency, and the success of the pilot commitment for Pneumococcal diseases:

· Do innovative financing instruments deliver more money for Global Health? Challenges and future priorities

· Resource mobilization – increased levels of donor contributions and innovative finance commitments; new perspectives on co-financing, and reduction in vaccine prices

· Meeting country demand and program sustainability – production capacity calculations to enable individual contractual obligations

· Exploiting AMC's full potential – Program and Policy Committee report on GAVI's support structure to enable decision making for affected countries


Download the full presentation here!

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