Presentation download: Molecular Painting: a novel method for biomembrane surface modification with wide-reaching applications

Dr John Dangerfield, Managing Director of Anovasia speaking at World Vaccine Congress Asia

The Managing Director of Anovasia, John Dangerfield shared a unique platform technology called Molecular Painting (MP) at the World Vaccine Congress Asia. He defined MP as the surface modification of biomembranes and MP reagents are based on natural products.  The main industrial application areas are:

  • Basic and Applied Research
  • Diagnostics, Biomarkers
  • Vaccine Development
  • Targeting and Delivery of Genes, Proteins and/or Drugs
  • Cell and Gene Therapy

MP works in the 3 simple steps and he stated key advantages to using this technology in this presentation. Examples of applications were also given during his presentation. For more information on the steps involved and examples, download his presentation here.

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