Impact of HPV prophylactic vaccines

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The HPV vaccine has been effective in preventing infection with human papillomavirus but not sufficient in other areas of infection prevention. Is prevention what is needed or should treatment be the priority? Tell us below!

The vaccine is becoming more widely used, for example, since 2008, in the UK the NHS vaccinates all girls aged 12-13. However, globally it is still not as widely used as other vaccines designed for adolescents, the reason for this are unclear: perhaps racial or ethical differences, or maybe the differences in socioeconomic status. Dr Robert A. Bednarczyk, Epidemiologist, Hubert Department of Global Health, Rollins School of Public Health , Emory University spoke at the World Vaccine Congress 2012 in Washington on the impact of the vaccine. He detailed some of the barriers facing the distribution of the vaccine/

Why not download the full presentation and discover more about the impact of HPV prophylactic vaccines, the vaccine uptake and some barriers:

· Understanding human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine uptake patterns

· Addressing concerns about the vaccine and safety issues

Download the full presentation here!

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