Securing a Healthier Future with Vaccines: a decade of vaccines

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Vaccines are needed. The need for vaccines is global. Can we secure a healthier future with vaccines? Tell us below!

Dr Jon Andrus and Peg Willingham joined us at the World Vaccine Congress 2012 in Washington, to lead a panel discussion on securing a healthier future with Vaccines. Vaccine R&D and funding for global infectious diseases have increased. Peg Willingham Executive Director, Global Vaccines Campaign, United Nations Foundation looked to the future and discussed the challenges and opportunities facing global vaccine distribution. Dr Andrus, Deputy Director at PAHO spoke about extending vaccine distribution more effectively into developing countries.

Executive panel session – securing a Healthier Future with Vaccines: a decade of vaccines

· Encouraging international development organizations to increase their resources to support poorer countries, and vaccine manufacturers to offer lower prices to middle-income countries

· Supporting manufacturers from emerging economies to increase access to lower price vaccines

· Promoting and strengthening collective purchasing mechanisms, such as the PAHO Revolving Fund for Vaccine Procurement, in all WHO Regions

· Strengthening national immunization programs and encourage the countries of the world to take ownership of these programs, in a call to leave paternalism behind

Download Dr Jon Andrus' full presentation here!

Download Peg Willingham's full presentation here!

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