Exciting new advances in HIV

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HIV is global issue complicated by the poverty of the countries most affected. In 1981, HIV was discovered as the causal agent behind AIDS, and 30 years later HIV continues to be a serious problem with approximately 33.3 million people living with the disease in 2009. Margaret McGlynn, President & Chief Executive Officer, IAVI joined us at the World Vaccine Congress 2012 in Washington to detail the exciting new advances in HIV vaccines.

In the HIV prevention field, there has recently been unprecedented momentum, as microbicide gels, pre-exposure prophylaxis and vaccines are at the forefront of research, and showing excellent results. Only a vaccine will eradicate the disease. AIDS vaccine trials have began, more information on which can be found in this presentation!

Why not download the full presentation and discover more about the exciting new advances in HIV:

· What are the prospects for finally developing a safe, effective and accessible vaccine to prevent AIDS?

· What we've learned from the Thai vaccine trial about biological characteristics are associated with protection and the opportunities for a novel HIV vaccine.

· The importance of funding and political will for the development of an effective HIV vaccine

Download the full presentation here!

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