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World Vaccine Congress Lyon is delighted to be partnering with Expert Review of Vaccines for our 2012 congress. World Vaccine Congress Lyon is a key event for vaccinologists to meet with expert representatives from a wide variety of institutions and facilitates discussions that are vital for progression of the vaccine field. 

Now in its 11th volume, Expert Review of Vaccines offers a monthly comprehensive resource for those with an interest in vaccinology; content ranges from evaluation of vaccine candidates to reviewing the use of well-established vaccines and much more in-between. Our articles are expert reviews and opinion pieces offering insights into aspects of vaccine technology, vaccine adjuvants, and therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines. We are also delighted to announce our new 2011 Impact Factor as 4.251, representing an increase on 2010 and continuing a rising trend for our impact factors, which is a testament to the high standards of our articles and thoroughness of our peer review process.

In addition, our August issue is a Special Focus Issue on Influenza Vaccines guest edited by Rino Rappuoli, (Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics) and Suryaprakash Sambhara (CDC). The issue covers a range of topics that are pertinent to the field of influenza vaccines in 2012. Reviews cover interesting topics such as the influenza vaccination in pregnant women, the T-cell response in pediatric influenza vaccination and the search for the elusive ‘universal' influenza vaccine to name but a few.

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