The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation: Neglected Infectious Diseases Strategy 2011-2016

Lance Gordon - Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation was founded on the principle that ‘every person deserves the chance to live a healthy, productive life.' The Neglected Infectious Diseases team adheres to this principle by working to eradicate or reduce the burden of selected infectious diseases, by methods of effective control, elimination or eradication, on the world's poorest people. How should the vaccine industry prioritise their research and production? Tell us below.

Dr Lance Gordon, Deputy Director NID at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation discusses the creation of R&D incentives for Neglected Infectious Diseases, in particular the challenges & opportunities involved:

· Gates Foundation's priorities and strategic focus: funding opportunities and call for partnerships

· Scientific opportunities and the need to innovate – Disease control and eradication initiatives

· When science, healthcare, and policy align: leading product development partnerships

· Closing the resource gap

Within this presentation he also details the strategic processes at the foundation behind the research into neglected diseases, of which there are currently 40+ classified as "Neglected". Each potential disease is analysed to allow for an effective strategy to be produced within the foundation's NID framework.

Download the full presentation here!

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