Why a malaria vaccine? Novel T cell antigen discovery technology and malaria vaccines

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Why a Malaria Vaccine? The 2011 WHO World Malaria Report estimated 655,000 malaria deaths and 216 million clinical cases in 2010 alone. Malaria remains a global problem, despite the use of preventive actions, such as the use of nets, anti-malarial drugs and insecticides. Malaria Prevention is a top priority and subsequently, so is the development of a vaccine. Dr Jessica Flechtner, Vice President Research at Genocea presented at the World Vaccine Congress 2012 in Washington, on the development of a malaria vaccine, in particular on the complexities involved.

Why not download the full presentation and discover more about malaria vaccine, for example more on how Novel T cell antigen discovery technology has provided momentum to the research:

· Human immune response profiling and vaccine development

· Novel vaccine design approach – what does this mean in the case of malaria?

· Protective antigen identification – the way forward

Download the full presentation here!

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