Download: Improving the response time to contain influenza pandemics

Dr Masato Tashiro, Director, WHO's Collborating Centre for Influenza, National Institute of Infectious Disease at World Vaccine Congress Asia

Dr Masato Tashiro, Director of WHO’s Collborating Centre for Influenza at National Institute of Infectious Disease in Japan joined us in Singapore last June at the World Vaccine Congress Asia to do a presentation on Improving the response time to contain influenza pandemics.

He started by giving us an overview on the different types of Influenza pandemics that we have seen so far, with specific references to cases such as the 2009 H1N1 virus. Continuing on that, he went to talk about the feasibility studies conducted on vaccines developed to counter this virus and the successes they had. He noted that there are definitely room for improvements, specifically in the following areas:

  • Improved understanding of vaccine benefit and risk, especially among health care workers
  • Work with medical community to improve uptake in pregnant women and risk groups
  • More flexibility in contracts when excess vaccine ordered
  • Communications to public: vaccine priorities, safety, need for vaccine
  • Explain the production and supply uncertainties and not explicitly state a number of doses that will be delivered by a certain date
  • Shorten timelines for vaccine production, e.g., potency test reagents, sterility testing

To learn more about the lessons learnt from this pandemic, the factors delaying the production and supply of the vaccine, and his recommendations on how to improve the response time, download his presentation.

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