Immunome-Derived Vaccines – the next wave of vaccine design

Timothy Messitt - Immunome Derived Vaccines

Immunome-Derived Vaccines are an new an exciting area of research. Vaccines evolve rapidly, as shown by the progress made in the industry in the past 100 years. Despite this progress, the vaccine industry continues to strive to improve vaccine safety, efficiency and efficacy. What do you think are the most noteworthy progressions in the vaccine industry? Tell us below.

Dr Timothy Messitt, Manager, Business Development, EpiVax, joined us at the World Vaccine Congress 2012 in Washington to present research into Immunome-derived vaccines, which at EpiVax they believe will be the next wave of vaccine design:

· In silico approaches to vaccine design.

· Methods for moving vaccine science beyond traditional approaches to immunome-derived epitope-driven vaccines (ID-EDV)

· In vitro and in vivo case studies of the ID-EDV approach.

Why not download the full presentation and find out more about EpiVax and Immunome-derived vaccines, for example, the development plans of a Multi-Pathogen Epitope-Driven Vaccine, which aims to contrast immunogenicity and efficacy of a multi-epitope vaccine with ‘whole antigen' in HLA transgenic mice.

Download the full presentation here!

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