Presentation download: Dr Larry Pickering from the CDC

Larry Pickering - CDC

Download the CDC's Dr Larry Pickering, the Executive Secretary ACIP & Distinguished consultant, presentation from the World Vaccine Congress 2012 in Washington on the Child-Adolescent Immunization Schedule 2012. His presentation aimed to highlight how vaccine recommendations are made and how complex the development of the immunization schedule is. He then summarized the changes to the child-adolescent immunization schedule of 2012, and finished with a discussion into the future considerations for the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Particularly poignant is the resurgence of Measles in the US, highlighting the importance of vaccines.

Why not download the full presentation and find out more about:

· What happens when a vaccine is recommended by ACIP, but not approved by the FDA? The cases of DtaP and HPV vaccines

· Comprehensive overview on immunization based on the latest recommendations from the ACIP

· Introduction into the framework and workings of ACIP and the yearly immunization schedule: challenges and prospects

· Discover the unmet vaccine needs and opportunities and updates on influenza, PCV, Meningitis and more

Download the full presentation here!

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