Emerging markets: How can they be served by breakthrough technologies?

Jerald Sadoff - Emerging markets

Emerging markets provide industry growth. Dr Jerry Sadoff, Chief Medical Officer at Crucell, joined us at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington, back in April to discuss the potential growth benefits of implementing breakthrough technologies in emerging markets.

Breakthrough technology could be very beneficial to emerging markets. For example, in the application of high density, low volume cell fermentation with or without disposables combined with advanced downstream purification; in the production of classical vaccine or new combinations for emerging markets taking advantage of lower cost goods with breakthrough technologies; or in the development of new vaccines to prevent diseases where there are no current vaccines: such as Malaria, HIV and TB.

Why not download the full presentation and discover more about how breakthrough technology can serve the emerging markets?

· Using breakthrough technology to allow for lower costs of goods reaching the emerging markets

· Can the vaccine industry remain at the forefront of innovation and keep prices at a global competitive level at the same time?


Download the full presentation here!

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