Influenza vaccines: Adenovirus-vectored influenza rapid-and-prolonged-immunologicals-therapeuticals

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Influenza vaccines remain a significant area of research within the vaccines industry. Dr De-chu C. Tang, Founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Vaxin Inc joined us at the World Influenza Congress 2011 to discuss Vaxin's goal to develop an influenza rapid-and-prolonged-immunologicals-therapeuticals (RAPIT) that can be mass-produced at low costs and mass-administered by non-medical personnel; with the capability to confer rapid/sustained protection against influenza but without the potential to induce drug resistance and reassortment with a wild influenza virus.

Why not download full details of his presentation and discover how Adenovirus-vectored drug-vaccine duo could act as a rapid-response tool for conferring seamless protection against influenza:

· Intranasal administration of E1/E3-defective (DE1E3) adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5) particles inducing an anti-influenza state as a means of prophylactic therapy

· Encoding an influenza virus (IFV) hemagglutinin (HA) HA1 domain, an Ad5-HA1 vector conferring rapid protection as a prophylactic drug followed by elicitation of sustained protective immunity

· Overcoming the fate of drug resistance that impairs the current influenza drugs through a multi-pronged influenza DVD

Download the full presentation here!

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