Universal Vaccines- The story ahead

Melissa Malhame- universal vaccines

Universal vaccines provide broad protection, in this case against Influenza A. Melissa Malhame, the Director of Marketing and Product Management at Dynavax Technologies speaks of the continued development of Dynavax's universal influenza A vaccine (N8295). This vaccine aims to provide broad protection through conserved antigens and enhanced immunogenicity of HA components.

Why not download full details of her presentation and discover the future development plan of Dynavax's universal influenza A vaccine

· What have been the lessons learned from the phase 1a and phase 1b clinical studies?

· What are the immunological properties of the N8295 universal influenza candidate?

· How is the development and design of a proof of concept study progressing?

· What is the future of the universal influenza vaccine as a novel component or in combination?

Download the full presentation here!

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