A practical guide to vaccine pre-qualification in China

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The vaccine industry continues to expand and to develop, in particular in China. Dr Julie Milstien the Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (ex FDA and WHO) analyses the potential growth in the vaccine market in China. With 36 vaccine manufacturers, which produce 49 types of vaccines against 27 diseases, the Chinese vaccine market is expanding quickly.

Expansion into the Chinese market is not without its challenges, but with the increasing complexity of vaccine and markets and the new emerging suppliers that bring competition and decreased prices, the growth potential in this market is well worth researching.

Why not download her practical guide to vaccine pre-qualification in China and find out more about:

· What is the impact of increased participation of Chinese vaccine manufacturers on the international market?

· Understanding the opportunities for expanded supply of priority vaccines.

· Examining the challenges – global standards for presentation, packaging and shipping, quality, purity and consistency.

Download the full presentation here!

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