Brazil vaccine development: The Immunization program in Brazil and Instituto Butantan

Brazil vaccine development

Thanks to Brazil vaccine development, over 70 million children have now been successfully vaccinated in two decades in Brazil, making the country an international reference in immunization. The impact of this can be clearly seen in the reduction in the number of cases of Tetanus, both accidental and neonatal, between 1983 and 2010. Prof Jorge Kalil the Director of the Instituto Butantan, a public institution leading the way in immunization in Brazil, details the strategy employed to achieve these incredible results.

The Instituto Butantan wants to increase its number of vaccines projects in the future: for example in the area of Vaccines, Research and improvement, it is developing projects dealing with Pertussis-low, Adjuvant BpMPLA, Recombinant onco BCG and Silica nanostructure mesoporous- vaccine antigens encapsulated.

The efforts of a public institute in Latin America to develop new vaccines presentation is available to download. Learn more about this successful programme, for example:

· The new propositions for Pertussis and Rotavirus

· Development of Dengue Vaccine

· New Adjuvants

Download the full presentation here!

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