Partnerships in the Emerging Markets


Emerging markets play a key role in the growth of any industry. At the World Vaccine Congress in April 2012, Allan Jarvis, Vice President, Corporate Development, sanofi Pasteur emphasized the importance of successful partnering in emerging markets for the future of the Vaccines industry. His presentation centred on a portfolio of products relevant to the Developed and Emerging Markets. Through examples of sanofi Pasteur partnerships, Jarvis discussed the key role that partnerships play in portfolio growth.

Partnerships provide important new products, technology and capabilities and this is why the need for transaction structures to accurately reflect the Parties' contributions is important. Risk sharing also plays an important role in the development of successful partnerships. Jarvis describes how partnering in the 21st century has evolved: the challenges and opportunities presented by evolving healthcare needs, healthcare reforms and generics competition; how Pharma and biotech work together to provide quality healthcare and solutions for unmet medical needs; partnership considerations & the depth and breadth of opportunities for partnerships with Pfizer; and also the emerging market dimension: opportunities for strategic innovations and partnerships.

Intrinsic to sanofi Pasteur's commitment to global health is the need to partner for disease prevention. To learn more about how to partner successfully in the 21st century, download the full presentation here.

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