deltaFLU®: the highly differentiated flu vaccine

Thomas Muster flu vaccine


The highly differentiated flu vaccine deltaFLU®, developed by AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology, is a tailor-made influenza vaccine generated by reverse genetics. The necessity of preparation for a potential new influenza pandemic remains a widely debated issue among experts in the Vaccines industry. Worldwide on-going influenza research continues to find better ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat seasonal and pandemic influenza.

Dr. Thomas Muster, the CEO/CSO and co-founder of AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology, joined us at the World Influenza Congress in December 2011 as a speaker to share innovations in Virology, in particular with the deltaFLU®, a replication-deficient intranasal influenza vaccine.

Why not download full details of his presentation and discover how to optimise the process for an attenuated influenza vaccine produced on vero cells:

· High yield production in Vero cells

· Induces mucosal and systemic immunity

· Rapid generation of vaccine virus

· Clinical trial results

Download the full presentation here!

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