The H5N1 influenza research debate: should the moratorium continue or is research necessary for pandemic preparedness?

h5n1 avian influenza research debate At a meeting of influenza researchers in New York today, Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), commented on the recent self-imposed suspension of H5N1 experiments, and urged researchers to continue to hold off on experimentation.

Given the highly pathogenic nature of this strain of avian influenza, Fauci suggested that researchers needed to better justify the benefits of the research to the public.

Read the story from Nature here.

This comment was met with debate as to whether or not to continue with H5N1 research.

We will be continuing this debate at Influenza Congress USA, where participants can take part in a roundtable debate on the topic, ‘Should we discontinue research against bio-terrorism threats or is it necessary for preparation in the face of an H5N1 pandemic?' Register now to take part in the debate!

NIAID will also be at Influenza Congress USA, with Dr David Spiro present to share his insights on universal vaccines.

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