How to establish cost-effective vaccine manufacturing practices in Asia

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Achieving cost efficiency is imperative in any manufacturing facility/line, and at World Vaccine Congress Asia 2012 last June, Dr I-Teh Tong, Director of Merck & Co., Inc, Pradip Patel, Vice President & Head Vaccine Manufacturing of Cadila Healthcare, Dr Mats Lundgren, Staff Scientist, R&D of GE Healthcare and Dr G S Reddy, Chief General Manager, Manufacturing of Indian Immunologicals discussed how to establish cost-effective vaccine manufacturing practices in Asia.

They agreed that vaccine manufacturing can become very expensive in the future and one of the solutions to address this issue would definitely be reducing cost. Typically, 50% of the cost is hindered by fixed costs, with the rest of the cost made up by depreciation, downstream variable cost and cell culture variable cost. Conversely, there's still a need for companies to look for more platform solutions or have better product knowledge in order for them to design good process facilities that will enable them to produce low and cost-effective products.

The selection of technology is one of the basic platforms that will help in addressing this issue. However, the formula for doses also plays an important role in manufacturing a cost-effective product. They continued by emphasizing the need for companies to think differently to identify daily operations and processes that can aid in driving up efficiency.

Lastly, they also encouraged companies to work collaboratively in order to support the establishment in producing low cost manufacturing which will eventually help to make vaccines more easily sellable in Asia.

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