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One of the most controversial topics in the vaccines industry currently, is the argument involving vaccines for children. Whether it is regarding FDA regulation, vaccine requirements for public schools, or the overall safety of vaccines, the topic presents a heated, two-sided debate.  So which side do you sit on, and why?

Frank Konstantinides, President at : I have always found it interesting that the issue to receive these vaccines in the the US has been argumentative.  How many parents, in how many countries that don’t have the availability of these vaccines would treasure the chance to give them to their children.

Michel Fischbach, Chief Scientific Officer, TNC BIO BV : Too many bad myths around – pushing parents to deprive their children from their right to grow up safely – those myths need to be debunked seriously, they are a threat to society.

Kuldip Sra, Associate Director/Principal Scientist, Biopharma drug development : Definitely. It is a no brainer. Vaccination of children have saved millions of lives in last century. In early 1900s 100,000s children get sick with Diphtheria and measles. After MMR vaccination introduction by Merck, the children’s infection from these diseases plummeted significantly and many of these diseases got eradicated from the population. Same is true for polio. Vaccines were the medical of miracle of last century. I still do not understand why some parents are still against immunizing their children with the vaccines. There is no scientifically proven link between vaccinations and autism. We all in the scientific community need to educate the population on the benefits of vaccinating the children.

Michel Fischbach, Chief Scientific Officer, TNC BIO BV : Thanks Kuldip – I put it at a criminal level for parents not vaccinating their children. That is the message to give to the imbeciles that are only too eager to listen to all these bogus-myths. Vaccine-not vaccine? not a point, a simple risk/benefit analysis tells us that indeed, as you say, vaccines are the most efficient therapies that have ever existed.

Qamar Hussain, Hospital & Health Care Professional : Absolutely, so many diseases have been more or less eliminated by various vaccination programmes, and as a health care professional this can only be a good thing.

Virginia Wright, Health & Wellness Consultant, Shaklee Distributor at “The Wright Avenue” : I might agree if vaccines weren’t all mixed together and I were allowed to see the ingredients. I don’t agree that children should be given vaccines just because they are a certain age. A child’s immune system isn’t mature enough to fight off possible side effects. As for kids getting sick in school, do they take good vitamins, eat healthy and get enough rest?

Steve Krohn, Director of Sales and Marketing at Paloma Home Health : Great question. I was just talking about this as my daughter has to have her Meningitis vaccine updated in order to go start college. I am sure there are risks involved with all vaccines, however do the benefits outweigh the risks. The question goes both to the individual and the community at large. If we need to protect the general well being of our society, then yes I think certain vaccinations should be mandatory. Throughout our history we have eradicated diseases that caused epidemics and the vaccine was at the heart of that. I do believe in choice however so I guess if chose not to get my daughter inoculated required by Texas A&M then I can choose for her not to go there. I am back and forth on this issue as you can tell. I don’t believe in governmental oversight of our personal lives. But the one place they should step in is to protect our citizenry as a whole. If vaccinations fall into that category, then yes it should be mandatory.

Cristina Falc̣o, Founder and Owner at Cristina Falc̣o РTranslations : In EU all children take the official vaccines and other because it is proved that they ate effective in preventing disease. I cannot imagine having a child without the proper vaccines.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. vmv

    Where is the proof that vaccines are safe? As of June 2011, there were 68 VAERS reports of death following the Gardasil vaccination, and 13,115 adverse events. Thousands of parents have seen their child regress into autism following vaccination–usually it’s the MMR vaccination, or multiple vaccines given at one office visit. Are adjuvants such as aluminum and squalene harmless substances? And why should a newborn be vaccinated against Hepatitis B, unless his mother has the infection?

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