Presentation Download: Developing the second generation of enterovirus vaccines against HFMD

Dr Shuo Sen speaking at World Vaccine Congress Asia

HFMD has always been a prevalent problem in Singapore and throughout the rest of Asia. Dr. Shuo Shen, the Chief Scientific Officer, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products of China National Biotec Group spoke at World Vaccine Congress Asia last June on developing the second generation of enterovirus vaccines against HFMD.

He drew attention to the outbreak of HFMD in China that adversely became the No.1 reported infectious diseases of 2011; where they have seen an increasing number of cases as compared to those caused by hepatitis viruses combined. The HFMD virus is also targeted mainly at children below 3 years old and the highest number of outbreak tend to happen in the summer period, between the months of May to July.

His presentation included the following points:

  • Evaluating a killed enterovirus 71 (EV71) vaccine for HFMD with a Phase III clinical study performed in China
  • Driving the complete control of HFMD in Asia with the development of combined vaccines against HFMD caused by EV71 and other coxsackie A viruses
  • Anticipating future development of live, attenuated, combined, vector-based-chimeric vaccines to stimulate mucosal immunity

He further addressed the need in developing such vaccines against CVA16, or other enterovirus associated with HFMD due to the following reasons:

  • Undistinguishable syndromes
  • Homologous recombinants are isolated in China and enteroviruses are involved rapidly
  • CVA16 was also involved in severe cases of HFMD though the frequency was low
  • Antibody dependent enhancement (ADE)

He ended his speech by recognizing the efforts and excellent work made by the scientists in Singapore and Taiwan for developing new vaccine in the recent years.

Download his presentation here

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