Taking a step back? HPV cervical cancer vaccine

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We put together a blog post last year on GAVI, and their funding of the cervical cancer vaccine in poor countries. This was great news, as all of the progress through programmes in developed countries could be implemented in developing regions. A sentence of note stated, "It is far more devastating in poor countries than in Europe and the US, where the vaccine has already been introduced for schoolgirls, because – unlike us – they do not have screening programmes, let alone good treatment."  However, today, an article was posted on the Guardian that seemed to back track on these developments stating that some schools are denying girls cervical cancer jabs on religious grounds in none other than the UK, a developed country that others have looked to as a progressive society.

Are we taking a step back? Is this setting a good example for those developing countries that are otherwise dying to have the same vaccine programmes available in their countries?

Let us know what you think by commenting below.

The previous blog post can be found here

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