What you need to know: Vaccines in Emerging Markets

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According to Decision Resources, "Emerging markets, particularly the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), promise to be new engines for pharma growth in the face of faltering growth rates and growing challenges in the traditional stronghold major markets."  Below, we look at several issues dealing with vaccine R&D, market potential, and partnerships in emerging markets.  As these markets continue to grow, so too will the challenges associated with these areas expand.  Take a look below at how industry leaders are beginning to solve these issues.

Vaccine R&D capabilities in China: Dr Sean Du, Executive Director, vaccine research, Simcere Pharmaceutical Groups delivered today an interesting presentation at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington about challenges facing China's vaccine fields in the increasing demands for more and better vaccines. Dr. Sean Su discussed the vaccine development market, current challenges, opportunities and strategies for China, and the work and strategy for Simcere. He said that we were experiencing a "renaissance" in the global vaccine market in the past 7 years.

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Vaccine research in India: Dr G S Reddy from Indian Immunologicals delivered an interesting presentation at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington about vaccines in the emerging markets, specifically India.

Dr. GS Ready talked about the vaccine scenario in emerging markets, focusing on India as a representative of what is happening in the BRICS countries. Emerging economies are trending towards overtaking the developed countries in the coming years. The market potential index (MPI) is significant for emerging markets, considering market size (population size) and growth rate (birth rates). Some of the growth is happening with increases in poverty alleviation and the growing numbers of middle class consumers for health and other markets.

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Partnerships in Emerging Markets: Dr Allan Jarvis, Corporate Development Advisor at Sanofi Pasteur delivered a presentation at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington about partnerships in the emerging markets.

Of the 16 products Sanofi Pasteur currently has in clinical development, everything currently in Phase I has come out of partnerships, as well as several in Phase II, Phase  III and registration.  About 50% of the products currently in clinical trials are dedicated to emerging markets or will be placed both in emerging markets and developing markets.

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