Top 3 presentations on influenza vaccine production and pandemic readiness

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We cannot ever be sure another influenza pandemic won't hit Europe soon, so better to be prepared this time from having looked at the learnings from past years.

Below I have gathered our top 3 presentations on the topic of influenza vaccine production and our pandemic readiness.  Comment below if you have any opinions on the subject.

Helmut Walerius from the European Commission Directorate General Health and Consumers Health Threats Unit shared his views on what the realistic chances are of a new influenza pandemic and discuss what the cornerstones of global pandemic preparedness plans should be.

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Tony Colegate, Influenza Technical Affairs Manager; Scientific Coordinator at IFPMA IVS, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics shared his views on the link between seasonal influenza vaccine production and pandemic readiness.

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Dr Alexandra Nikiforova, Chief expert in the Department of Clinical Research, Microgen joined us in 2011 at the World Influenza Congress to share her views on Pandemic and Prepandemic influenza vaccine development in the Russian Federation.

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  1. Ed Rybicki

    I am interested in the fact that the US – and in particular, the US military – seems to be open to the idea of plant-produced vaccines for pandemic and even seasonal influenza A viruses, whereas no-one else is. The fact is that the fastest ever production of clinical-grade flu vaccine from a standing start was done using plant-produced antigen, by Fraunhofer USA and Medicago Inc – which is why DARPA is now funding them in a head-to-head with two other companies to produce 10 million doses of pandemic flu vaccine.

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