Top 4 recent developments in Tuberculosis

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Tuberculosis: This past month has seen a lot of activity surrounding developments in Tuberculosis technology, testing and treatments.  I've rounded up a few articles that I've read recently, in order to see the bigger picture.  Do you have any developments to add?


1. J&J believes it is on track to snag an OK from the FDA for bedaquiline (TMC207) as part of a combo drug treatment, making it the first new TB treatment to be approved in four decades. Read the full story here

2. A team of researchers at the National University of Ireland – Galway have developed a new tuberculosis test that can identify which bacteria are causing the infectious disease. The diagnostic DNA test rapidly confirms the type of bacteria in an effort to improve the effectiveness of treatment, Irish Times reports. Read the full story here

3. A team of European researchers are supporting new tuberculosis treatments through the development of better diagnostic imaging technology.  The study has received nearly $18.5 million from the PREDICT-TB project, which is funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative under the European Union's Seventh Framework Program, according to Read the full story here

4. Vietnam has helped more than 85 percent of patients recover from tuberculosis and treated more than 70 percent of diagnosed cases, making it the first nation in Asia to reach the target set by the World Health Organization.  Read the full story here


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