Preventing epidemics –the virus hunt continues


“The Global Viral Forecasting Initiative (GVFI) is 501c3 not-for-profit whose team has spent the last 10+ years developing a global system to prevent pandemics. Current global disease control focuses almost exclusively on responding to epidemics after they have already spread globally. Nevertheless, dramatic failures in such pandemic control, such as the ongoing lack of success in HIV vaccine development twenty-five years into the pandemic, have shown that this wait-and-respond approach is not sufficient. The development of systems to prevent novel pandemics before they are established should be considered a human health imperative. Had we had such systems in place thirty years ago, we may have averted the HIV pandemic.”

The above is an excerpt from the GVFI website explaining in a nutshell what they do and what their mission is.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Joseph Fair, Vice President, Executive Director for Government Services from the Initiative and despite suffering from Malaria on the day of his talk, he did fill us in on the important work of the GVFI on how preventing epidemics should be the on of the main focuses for field research.

Dr Fair touched upon the following points with detailed data and personal experience statements from his extensive field work:

  • Discovery of new viruses – new technologies and how they prevent global pandemic outbreak
  • New approach to epidemiology research
  • Early warning systems and the crucial role of preventative vaccines

Download the full presentation here.

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