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Malaria: With so many articles on our blog, it might sometimes be daunting to find just the ones you need.  I've listed below our top 3 presentations from various conferences on the different issues surrounding the malaria vaccine.

Advancements in Malaria vaccine production

Col. Ockenhouse shared with us his teams very important research malaria vaccines and gave us an outlook for the next 5 years. Are we any closer to a malaria vaccine fit for the FDA?

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Novel T cell antigen discovery

Last April Dr Jessica Flechtner, VP Research at Genocea shared some of the findings of their Novel T cell antigen discovery technology at the World Vaccine Congress 2012.

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2020 vision for vaccines against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria

Rino Rappuoli, PhD, is Global Head of Vaccines Research at Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics and is based in Siena, Italy.  In one of his most recent publications in Nature together with Alan Aderem, they discuss their 2020 vision for vaccines against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

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