Advances in Pre-filled Injection Technologies: The path to commercializing a novel pre-filled delivery system for vaccination efforts

Vince Sullivan - BD x90Dr. Vincent J. Sullivan joined us at the 12th annual World Vaccine Congress Washington DC in April this year to share his views on commercializing a novel pre-filled delivery system for vaccines.

Dr. Vincent J. Sullivan is a Principal Scientist and Senior Manager at BD Technologies, the Corporate Technology and Innovation Center for Becton, Dickinson & Company. He is responsible for research and development on next-generation drug delivery systems. His research at BD has focused on development of prefilled syringes as well as systems for respiratory and skin based delivery of drugs and vaccines.

During his talk he touched upon the following points:

  • Considerations for the development and commercialization of a novel pre-filled microinjection system for intradermal vaccine delivery
  • A review of the key success factors and the lessons learned along the way
  • An assessment of the primary benefits for patients and the healthcare system through the use of pre-filled delivery systems

Download the full presentation here.

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