Vaccine manufacturing and speed to market: a project management perspective

Raul Soikes - Baxter PharmaSolutionsRaul Soikes, the Senior Director for Program Management at Baxter Biopharma Solutions joined us at the 12th annual World Vaccine Congress in Washington this April to talk us through the project management perspective of vaccine manufacturing.

The key points Raul addressed in his talk were:

  • Understand the seasonal vaccine campaign challenges and the importance of being the first to market the product, boosting your competitive advantage
  • How to manage third party issues at campaign production start date without compressing an already tight production timeline impacting multiple resources and processes
  • Explore how to prepare and accomplish timely manufacture of a seasonal vaccine campaign considering supply chain, quality, and facility aspects in an abbreviated time frame

Download the full presentation here to get access to the case studies mentioned and more data and graph representations.

Soikes is responsible for the global strategic integration of the new Research and Development organization and implementation/oversight of the global Device Development and Commercialization Initiative. A hands-on pharmaceutical, device and diagnostics professional with expertise in process/product development, validation, in-house/contract drug substance, drug product, small volume parenterals and immuno-diagnostics manufacturing, project management, risk management, in/out-licensing, operations, facility design/start-up, and leading global interdisciplinary drug development teams.

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