Ben Affleck and Hillary Clinton help curtail child mortality with vaccines

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This morning at Child Survival Call to Action, a conference hosted by the government in collaboration with Ethiopia, India and UNICEF, Ben Affleck and Hillary Clinton both promoted their efforts and the efforts of many in the fight to end preventable childhood deaths.  With over 60 faith-based organisations from 40 countries joining in the fight, Clinton believes saving children's lives "cannot be just a job for governments." 


What are the main tools being used for the fight?  The promotion of breastfeeding, vaccines and healthcare for children.  Affleck goes on to explain how the organization he founded, Eastern Congo Initiative , played a role in diminishing child mortality in the Democratic Republic of Congo, emphasizing the importance of supporting Congolese efforts within their own communities.

"The Congolese must lead in this effort," Affleck said.


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