#Vaccine #Pricing: An analytic perspective by Sheldon Jacobson

Sheldon Jacobson x90 - Uni IllinoisAt this year's World Vaccine Congress Washington Prof Sheldon Jacobson, Professor and Director for the Simulation & Optimization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), shared with us his research and views on vaccine pricing.

Prof Jacobson talked us through the vaccine pricing challenges the industry is facing, notably mentioning the key issues related to:

  • Corporate Profits versus Public Good
    • Constant struggle (both sides are right!)
  • Who Pays?
    • Public versus private sectors
  • Cost-Benefit Ratios, QALYs gained
    • Measures value provided by immunization

To understand the impact fully one needs to look at the vaccine market dynamics. For this Prof Jacobson used a case study of pediatric combination vaccines, showing us the pros and cons of the existing pricing strategies, as well as scenarios for change.

Feel free to download his presentation here and share your comments below.

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