Hepatitis C #Vaccines: Challenges and Future Perspectives

Dr Marian Major, Research Microbiologist, Division of Viral Products, Office of Vaccines Research and Review, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at FDA joined us a few weeks ago at the 12th annual World Vaccine Congress in Washington DC to discuss about the challenges and perspectives on Hepatitis C Vaccines.

Challenges to HCV Vaccine Development

 Natural isolates exist as quasispecies populations. Several genotypes identified (GT 1-6).
 Greatest diversity in natural isolates is observed in the envelope region.
 Only animal model for HCV pathogenesis is the chimpanzee
 Biomarkers of protection still need to be identified. Cross reactive neutralizing antibodies have been identified but T-cell phenotypes important for
protection have not been determined.

For the whole presentation and details on the above mentioned focus points, please download the presentation here.

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