HEPLISAV™ efficacy in the Hep B #vaccine field

Dr J Tyler Martin, President, CMO & Director, DynaVax joined us a few weeks ago at the 12th annual World Vaccine Congress in Washington DC to discuss his views on HEPLISAVâ„¢ efficacy in the Hep B vaccine field.

Dr J Tyler Martin talked us through the unmet needs in Hepatitis B Vaccination:

    • Existing vaccines require ~6 months for protection
    5 -10% protected with first dose
    20 – 30% protected with 2nd dose of conventional vaccines
    • Reduced protection in patients with impaired immune responses
    ~67% protection in CKD, with 8 doses over 6 months
    • Lack of compliance with 3 dose regimen over 6 months (0,1 and 6 months)
    CDC statistics:  30% of subjects receive a 3rd dose

Some other key topics raised in his presentations:

•    Identifying the next steps after recent positive data demonstrating Heplisav's superior immune response
•    Planned Phase III registration trial and Phase III lot-to-lot consistency trial
•    What is on the horizon for US registration trials and European development strategies?

For the whole presentation and details on the above mentioned focus points, please download the presentation here.

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