Pandemic and Prepandemic influenza #vaccine development in the Russian Federation

Dr Alexandra Nikiforova, Chief expert in the Department of Clinical Research, Microgen joined us in 2011 at the World Influenza Congress to share her views on Pandemic and Prepandemic influenza vaccine development in the Russian Federation.

Dr Alexandra Nikiforova developed her presentations asking 3 key questions about sufficient pandemic vaccine protectiveness:

  • How many immunizations we need to do?
  • What is sufficient interval between immunizations?
  • What is the optimal amount of an antigen per dose?

Her presentation also included the following topics:

  • How is influenza vaccine manufacture expanding is considered a potential pandemic threat?
  • Overview prepandemic and pandemic influenza vaccine developing by Microgen
  • Evaluating the key findings H5N1 and H1N1 clinical trials

For the whole presentation and details on the above mentioned focus points, please download the presentation here

If you are looking to learn more about influenza vaccine production visit the World Vaccine Congress Lyon website and find a whole stream dedicated to influenza vaccine.

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