Maintaining the link between seasonal influenza #vaccine production and pandemic readiness

TonyColegate world Influenza congress Dr

Tony Colegate, Influenza Technical Affairs Manager; Scientific Coordinator at IFPMA IVS, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics joined us in 2011 at the World Influenza Congress to share his views on the link between seasonal influenza vaccine production and pandemic readiness.

His presentation included the following topics:

  • About IFPMA and the IVS International Task Force
  • What are the challenges of influenza vaccine production and why stockpiling is not possible to expand overall seasonal production capacity.
  • What areas need to be addressed to ensure rapid response?
  • How is industry reacting to seasonal change in preparedness for pandemic vaccine production?
  • What are the past drivers for increased production capacity?

For the whole presentation and details on the above mentioned focus points, please download the presentation here.

If you are looking to learn more about influenza vaccine production visit the World Vaccine Congress Lyon website and find a whole stream dedicated to influenza vaccine.

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