Potential for another #influenza #pandemic: how should we be prepared?

Helmut WaleriusWe cannot ever be sure another influenza pandemic won't hit Europe soon, so better to be prepared this time from having looked at the learnings from past years.


Helmut Walerius from the European Commission Directorate General Health and Consumers Health Threats Unit, joined us at the World Influenza Congress in December 2011 as a speaker to share his views on what the realistic chances are of a new influenza pandemic and discuss what the cornerstones of global pandemic preparedness plans should be.


Helmut went through all the necessary stages:

  • Planning & coordination
  • Monitoring & assessment
  • Prevention & mitigation
  • Communication to the public

For more information on the details of the above stages as well as the main objectives of the EU Health Security Initiative, please download the full presentation here.


What are the key learnings you took away from the 2009 pandemic that should be applied in the EU Commission and ECDC preparedness plans? Please share your views in the comment box below.

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