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World Vaccine Congress Lyon

As the vaccine industry grows year on year, isn’t it essential you benchmark your strategies against the competition?

With this in mind we organized this year’s World Vaccine Congress Lyon, focusing on precisely those top 6 key growth areas that will help you stay at the forefront of the industry. Expert speakers and industry strategists will come together in Lyon in October (16th -18th) to discuss and share their views on:

  • Emerging markets – How can breakthrough technologies serve the emerging markets and help you grow your market reach?
  • Adjuvants – Understanding the benefits and challenges in using adjuvants – where next?
  • Therapeutic vaccines – From cancer, to allergy to HIV to DNA and testing therapeutic vaccines – what is the next big thing?
  • Prophylactic vaccines – New formulations and target identification strategies – how far can combination vaccines go?
  • Influenza vaccines – Are we prepared for another pandemic? What are the universal vaccine advances?
  • Manufacturing – How can you achieve efficient manufacturing through application of novel technologies?

Download the PDF brochure or visit the website for more details:


The World Vaccine Lyon Congress

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