Promising #needle-free technologies for alternative #vaccine delivery

Bruce WenigerDr Bruce Weniger, CAPT, US Public Health Service (ret.), International Professor, Research Institute for Health Sciences, Chiang Mai University and Associate Editor of Vaccines joined us a few weeks ago at the 12th annual World Vaccine Congress in Washington DC to share his views on which needle free vaccine delivery technologies are currently out there.


Bruce talked us through the major drivers and challenges involved in the adoption of needle-free vaccine delivery techniques.


The presentation was a real "how to" session with important facts about mitigating risk, identifying new opportunities and driving effective strategies for growth in this area, taking all costs into consideration that are associated with the adoption of needle free delivery.


In particular he touched upon the following sections:

  • Why needle-free?
  • Jet injection
  • Cutaneous vaccination
  • Intranasal spray
  • Pulmonary inhalation
  • Oral ingestion
  • The ideal administration method?

For the whole presentation and details on the above mentioned focus points, please download the presentation here.


Are you looking into needle free delivery for your product? How do you source the technology?

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