#Influenza #vaccine: A new approach to public health research and vaccine research and development

Christian Desaintes - European CommissionChristian Desaintes, Scientific Officer, DG Research, Health Infectious Diseases at the European Commission joined us at the World Influenza Congress in December 2011 to share his view on how the European Commission is contributing to reduce the negative impact of infectious diseases and epidemics with a special focus on influenza.


In his talk he outlines the key area where the EU Commission will lend support to boost vaccine research and development and he gives us an overview and research updates in line with the 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013).


Christian outlines the challenges and opportunities in vaccine development in Europe as:



  • The easy diseases have been addressed
  • High safety needs (given to healthy people)
  • Adverse reactions – reduced acceptance
  • High regulatory and control burden
  • Mass intervention – should be reasonably cheap
  • Anti-vaccine activists – need to better communicate


  • Availability of pathogen & host genomes
  • Advances in basic immunology & systems biology
  • Novel preclinical models, production methods, concepts, adjuvants, platforms, vectors
  • European vaccine industry is strong
  • EC helps in development & promotion of new safe vaccines


Download his full presentation here.


What are your thoughts on the challenges the industry is facing? Has the recession had a profound impact on R&D in Europe.


We'd love to hear your views in the comment box below.



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