Therapeutic vaccines– An introduction of Digital Personal Medicine (DPM) with DermaVir

Julianna Lisziewicz - GeneticImmunityDr Julianna Lisziewicz, the President, CEO and Vice President of Research, GeneticImmunity joined us at the 12th annual World Vaccine Congress Washington in April 2012 to talk about GeneticImmunity's very interesting take on personalizing vaccines.


Dr Lisziewicz talked us through her views on why we need to personalize DermaVir and other therapeutic vaccines and presented the DPM concept and its details to the audience, using DermaVir as the first example.


Of course any novel technology needs to be fully tested for safety and efficacy and Dr Lisziewicz did present safety and preliminary efficacy of repeated DermaVir immunizations of  phase II results from the US and EU.


The results show the challenges and potential solutions in the development of DPM.


For the full presentation and data set from the study, please download the file here.

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