Hepatitis B – what’s new on the HBV #vaccine watch?

Timothy block

Last April at the World Vaccine Congress, Dr Timothy Block from the Hepatitis B Foundation talked about the prevention of Hepatitis B and the unmet needs in prevention of the disease as well as on therapy.

350 million people in the world are chronically infected with HBV, mostly in Asia and Africa. HBV is major etiological factor for liver cancer.

HBV vaccine was successful in decreasing number of HBV cases to less than 50,000 cases/year. Chronic HBV dropped 10 fold in countries where the vaccination was implemented.


  • 5 % of population is not responsive to the vaccine
  • Development of resistant strains of viruses
  • Multiple injections are needed
  • Expensive
  • There is still peri-natal transmission
  • Waning immunity
  • Vaccine requires cold storage

For more information, please download the presentation here

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