Novel T cell antigen discovery technology providing new momentum on a malaria #vaccine


Dr Jessica Flechtner world vaccine congress

Last April Dr Jessica Flechtner, VP Research at Genocea shared some of the findings of their Novel T cell antigen discovery technology at the World Vaccine Congress 2012.

Some key points raised on her presentation:

Dr Flechtner talked about Genocea and mentioned that the company was funded 5 years ago, and it has a unique platform rapidly discovering new T cell antigens. Entering clinic with HSV-2 vaccine this year. The company focus is on vaccine development for pathogens for which there is no vaccine.

Dr Flechtner highlighted that malaria vaccine development is an important project and it is based on the belief that T cell immune responses protect in the liver stage of the disease. Development of malaria vaccine goes into several phases:

  • Human immune response profiling-in humans with effective, ineffective and deleterious immune response (in collaboration with the Navy)
  • High throughput screening library creation; cloned library for up to 1000 genes (cloned 901, 84% expressed in E. Coli) and T cell identification from each subject by protein, compare frequency of responses in all donors
  • In silico and in vivo validation (current phase)

Download here the full presentation


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