Download: Panel discussion about current environment for vaccine price and pricing awareness

Bruce Y Lee MD MBA

Dr. Bruce Y. Lee facilitated a panel discussion several weeks ago at World Vaccine Congress on the current environment of vaccine pricing.

The panellist included:

› Kristin Pope, Associate Director of Policy, NCIRD
› Prashant Yadav, Director-Healthcare Research, The William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan
› Dr Sheldon Jacobson, Professor and Director, Sim. & Opt. Lab., Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois
› Daniel Berman, Deputy Director, Médecins Sans Frontières Access Campaign


A quick preview:

Q. There are multiple challenges for vaccine pricing and its market efficiency. The effects of vaccines may not be seen until down the road. Vaccines suffer from a potential lag in the public recognizing their effects after their introduction. How can we bridge that gap?

A. Dr. Jacobson. The challenge is trying to get all the stakeholders to work together for long-term mutual benefits rather than seeing just the short-term effects. The complete "free market" model for airlines in the US, for instance, may not be serving the public good or the airlines as there are profit issues. He suggested more proactive efforts rather than reactionary responses.


For the full Q&A discussion, click here

For the post event report, click here

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