#wvcusa recent advances for Meningococcal vaccine by Dr Peter Dull @Novartis Vaccines

 peter dull
Meningococcal vaccine: Dr Peter Dull, Head Development Meningococcal Vaccines at Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics delivered an interested presentation last week at the World Vaccine Congress about the recent advances on Meningococcal vaccine.

Some Key points raised in the presentation:

Dr Dull  mentioned that the company goal was to design a broadly protective Meningococcal B vaccine. The capsule of Men B has huge homology with human neuronal tissue, so multicomponent approach looking into conserved protein components was adopted: The vaccine contains 3 fused protein antigens.

Nine clinical trial were conducted with 7938 subjects in EU, Canada and South America; involving multiple age groups with multiple schedules. Vaccine showed good immunogenicity in all trials.
Vaccine can be administered with other infant vaccines, as no interference was seen in several studies.

Tolerability and safety: the greatest problem was the appearance of fever for a day that increases if given with other vaccines said Dr Dull. It was shown that this could be limited by prophylactic administration of paracetamol.


Check back here in a couple of days for the presentation. Great presentation Peter!

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