#wvcusa Strengthening pipeline development through innovative licensing collaborations by Sanofi Pasteur

Gavin Zealey - sanofi-aventis world vaccine congressDr Gavin Zealey, Executive Director, Corporate Development, at sanofi pasteur presented  at the World Vaccine Congress on Accelerating the development and commercialisation of vaccines through strategic collaborations

sanofi pasteur has a wide range of vaccines against 20 diseases.  According to Zealey, the company is committed to R&D and spends about 1 million euros each day on it.  Zealey says that the company needs collaborations for its vaccine development program to succeed.

What makes a product or technology attractive to SP?  Something that addresses a significant unmet need, if it is an innovative high potential product or unique product development approach.  They also look for significant ROI and a favorable risk/reward profile.  Last, they look for partner compatibility.

There are now many business structures to fit different partnership situations, including fee for service, classic out-license, R&D collaboration with license, joint product development and commercialization, joint venture and merger or acquisition.  Zealey says the trend in vaccine industry has yielded from acquisition model to the network model seen today with emerging diseases (TB, HIV, etc.)

Zealey says that finances are rarely the deal breaker.  Those are more likely to be issues surrounding intellectual property, technology performance adherence to quality guidelines and regulatory compliance.

Zealey says that some deal-makers mind set is that the signed agreement is the goal rather than the START of something.  Very few negotiators think of themselves as setting the precedent for how the parties will work together after the deal is signed.  For implementation, one must look beyond the deal.  Zealey says that the only successful deal is the one that ends with a marketed product.

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