#wvcusa Winner of the Best #vaccine Partnership / Alliance: PATH and WHO @ViE Awards

best partnership alliance path and who world vaccine congress


The Best Vaccine Partnership / Alliance / License category was open to the vast array of stakeholders within the vaccine industry ranging from government, NGO, public health, academia, pharma, biotech and service providers.

The criteria used to judge this category will be as follows:

  • Strategic potential and scope of the partnership / alliance to industry
  • The addressing of an unmet medical need within a demographic
  • The degree to which it was mutually beneficial to each of the involved parties
  • The novelty of the business model and strategic relationship
  • The long term future and development of the partnership / alliance

Winner: PATH and WHO

who pathx200

Judges specific comments on the winner included:

1. The lack of interest among major industrialized country vaccine manufacturers for this vaccine market makes this partnership all the more important.
2. The novel approach taken by these partners to ensure a 0-year lag period between product development and introduction at public health scale in Africa.
3. Its also worth noting in the wider industry vote, although not decisive , this company gained 39% of the 559 votes cast for this category

Well done PATH and WHO!


Highly Regarded' recommendation: GAVI and GSK / Pfizer for their Pneumococcal extension, as this continued investment provides much needed benefits to the region it covers, so well done to previous winners GAVI, GSK and Pfizer.

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